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❤️Seafood Plate !! 海鲜合盘来啦!!❤️

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❤️WE ARE NEW!! 本店新品推送❤️

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#We are new#

For Lunch: we have $1 soft drinks for each cup and Stir Fried Hotpot

For Dinner: we made new sesame sauce, Hoi Sin sauce, and Chilli soy sauce.

For all beers: Buy three can get one free.🎉🎉


中午爱锅锅系列: 本店推出$1 一杯的软饮料以及新菜色麻辣香锅

晚上不要太低调系列:本店新推四季特调芝麻酱, 海鲜酱和辣椒丝酱油



🎉(麻辣香锅支持堂食+外送) 🎉

🎉(在’HARKHARK 宅急送’ 和’布里斯班订餐’中搜索“千锅百味” 即刻订餐)🎉

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哇! 是讓人口水直流的正宗麻辣香鍋耶🎉🎉5月8號起,Season Buffet中午時段不只有迷你火鍋,更有一人獨享的乾鍋喔!大家快來大啖美味!

From 8th, May, Season Buffet will not only have traditional mini hot pot, introduce new mouthwatering “Stir Fired Hot Pot” (limited in Lunchtime) !! PS. Please follow our new Instagram account! 😁